Gone to 7-11

Gone All Stars - 7-11

mp3: Gone All Stars - 7-11

This rock'n'roll version of Perez Prado's Mambo #5 made to #30 on the pop charts in 1958. I'm not sure where the name 7-11 comes from. Perhaps it's the time signature, I know nothing about that kind of thing. Maybe it was the date it was recorded. For me, 7-11 represents a chain of convenience stores that I made fairly frequent and reasonably regular late-night visits to in my early twenties. The Gone All Stars were a studio band led by Buddy Lucas on tenor sax. They played behind many artists on both Gone Records and its sister label End.

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The Royaltones - Seesaw

mp3: The Royaltones - Seesaw

I posted a The Royaltones' single about two years ago. So, since I've already covered a few of the important factoids surrounding this instrumental group from Detroit, I won't repeat them. Seesaw was released in 1959 on Jubilee Records. Despite being an interesting sounding, swinging instrumental, the fickle record buying public didn't take to it, so Seesaw failed to reach the chart heights it probably deserved.

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I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter

Lazy Lester - I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter Lazy Lester - Sugar Coated Love

mp3: Lazy Lester - I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter
mp3: Lazy Lester - Sugar Coated Love

Here's another double-hitting rockin' blues record, this time from Lazy Lester. A musician from Louisiana, Lester's mainly known for his singing and harmonica playing, but he also made recordings on guitar and even dabbled in percussion. I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter and Sugar Coated Love were produced for the Excello label by Jay Miller, who also produced some of Slim Harpo's best known records. Today's selections were recorded in 1958, six years before The Kinks covered the humorous I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter on their debut LP. There's been many versions of both sides since then. But, unfortunately, even though Lester claims to have written both songs, the credit went to Miller. A little over ten years ago, a Lazy Lester song gave its name to the incredible Ponderosa Stomp music festival in New Orleans. I've definitely seen Lester play at that festival and have a vague memory of meeting him there too.

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Number 9 Train / Wildcat Tamer

Tarheel Slim - Number 9 Train Tarheel Slim - Wildcat Tamer

mp3: Tarheel Slim - Number 9 Train
mp3: Tarheel Slim - Wildcat Tamer

I feel privileged to own a copy of this record. From the condition of the labels, you might think it's been through a flood. I sometimes imagine it survived Hurricane Katrina, but it was probably just a burst water pipe or something equally mundane. Whatever this record has endured, the most important thing in my book is how it sounds and it sounds damn good to me. It's an extreme example of what record sellers call a 'looks rough, plays tough' or 'look beat, plays neat'. Number 9 Train / Wildcat Tamer is a two-sided adrenaline fueled rock'n'roll monster. It was the first record Allen Bunn made under the moniker Tarheel Slim and one of the only ones he made without accompaniment from his wife, Little Ann. Featuring Wild Jimmy Spruill on guitar and Horace Cooper on piano, this beast was recorded in New York and released on Bobby Robinson's Fury label in 1958. I've written plenty about Tarheel Slim and Bobby Robinson in the past, but as much as I like all those other records, this is the one.

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There's a swag of tasty new-to-me old-records spun together for you here in this mix. It's the same upbeat combination of wild 1950s/60s rock'n'roll, rhythm & blues, surf, gospel, doo-wop and oddball instrumental sounds that anyone who's been paying attention to my mixes, blog, radio show or DJ gigs will know is my main bag. Don't be shy, dig in.

Otis Rush - Homework
Freddy King - Sen-Sa-Shun
The Rumblers - I Don't Need You No More
The Challengers - Wipe Out
Mickey & Sylvia - No Good Lover
The Road Runners - Quasimoto
G.L. Crockett - Look Out Mabel
Rusty Isabell - Firewater
Frankie Lee Sims - Walking With Frankie
Rock-A-Teens - Woo-Hoo
The Rondels - Cover Charge
Big Jay McNeely - Psycho Serenade
Johnny Adams - Come On
The Six Teens - Love's A Funny That Way
Paul Gayten - Cow Cow Blues
The Canjoes - Dance The Boomerang
The Raelets - One Room Paradise
Bill Robinson - The Cow
The Soul Sisters - Think About The Good Times
The Gospel Believers - Saints Go Marching In

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Since Coloured Vinyl Came Into My Heart

Spirit Of Memphis - Since Jesus Came Into My Heart

mp3: Spirit Of Memphis - Since Jesus Came Into My Heart

On the topic of coloured vinyl, the first ever commercially released 45rpm record, Eddy Arnold's Texarkana Baby, was bright green. It came out in 1949 on the RCA Victor label. A lot of their early releases were on coloured vinyl. They had a system whereby different genres would be pressed on different colours, but eventually changed them all to black to save on costs. This crimson beauty was released on the Peacock label four years after Eddy Arnold's pioneering slice of technology. There will be no surprises that a song titled Since Jesus Came Into My Heart is of the gospel variety. The Spirit Of Memphis Quartet were a vocal group who started in 1930 and lasted over 50 years. Although, they had many rotating members. Unfortunately, my copy of this record doesn't sound as good as it looks. The good lord hasn't spared it from scratches.


Come On Back Jack

Nina Simone - Come On Back Jack

mp3: Nina Simone - Come On Back Jack

Nina Simone's brilliant answer record to Hit The Road Jack, that's about all you need to know about today's offering. Come On Back Jack was released in 1961 on the Colpix label. Mine's a Swedish pressing on beautiful blue vinyl.


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