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Ricky Nelson - Lonesome Town Ricky Nelson - My Babe

mp3: Ricky Nelson - Lonesome Town
mp3: Ricky Nelson - My Babe

Rock'n'roll tearjerker Lonesome Town was a hit single for an eighteen-year-old Ricky Nelson in 1958. He was already a showbiz veteran by then, having grown up on American television screens with his real-life family in the sitcom The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Nelson's version of My Babe was only included on the flip of the UK release, which came out just after Dale Hawkin's version and just before Cliff Richard's. You'll also find Lonesome Town on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, so you can expect me to slip it in sometime this Saturday night.

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Hully Gully Twist

B.B. King - Hully Gully Twist

mp3: B.B. King - Hully Gully Twist

Lucille, B.B. King's guitar, sounds mighty fine on this take on the dance craze inspiring Hully Gully. It was 1962 when Hully Gully Twist was released and my guess is that the twist was just tacked onto the title in order to broaden the potential audience. I don't think B.B. King's version has any direct relation to the previously released Bill Doggett or Wayne Worley records of the same name. The songwriting credit goes to King along with Joe Josea. In fact, there was no such person. Josea was a pseudonym Joe Bihari used in order to receive half the publishing royalties. Joe was one of the Bihari brothers, a family of independent music industry pioneers who founded Modern Records and then Meteor, Flair, RPM, Kent and more.

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A London Trifecta

Hawaiian Bop - April 11th, 2015 - Bussey Building

Let me tell you about three really fun parties - all happening in London over the next month - that I've been invited to play records at. First up, this coming Saturday night, is Hawaiian Bop at The Bussey Building in Peckham. I'd heard a lot of great things about this night, so I was thrilled when Richio Suzuki asked me to join him, Oscar Romp and Miss Boogie B on DJ duties. This is a rare South London outing for me, plus I've got just the shirt.

Pulp Fiction Party - April 18th, 2015 - Paper Dress Vintage

I wasn't long legally an adult when I saw Pulp Fiction at the cinemas - not that they were overly strict about checking such things back then. It had a pretty big impact on me, particularly the soundtrack, which I borrowed heavily from when I first started DJing. Well, the more things change, the more they stay the same. I still include tunes from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack in my sets, alongside plenty that sound like they could be. As Heavy Sugar DJs, between and after the bands and dance troupes, Fritz and I are offering a whole night of Pulp Fiction and Tarantino inspired records at Paper Dress Vintage on April 18th.
The Great May Masquerade - May 8th, 2015 - Coronet Theatre

A Curious Invitation events are always a blast. They incorporate cabaret, live bands, performance art, nudity, exotic animals, hot tubs and more. Everyone is dressed in all their finery and wearing masks is obligatory. On Friday May 8th their annual spring masked ball will be held in a huge old theatre in Elephant & Castle. I'll be spinning an upbeat set of wild and weird sounds to bring this pagan themed night of debauchery home.


Roll Your Money Maker

Shakey Jake - Roll Your Money Maker

mp3: Shakey Jake - Roll Your Money Maker

Shakey Jake Harris moved north to Chicago at a young age and became a blues singer and harmonica player. He has the writing credit for Roll Your Money Maker, but like Elmore James's Shake Your Moneymaker, it's a song that probably was around in one form or another for some time. Roll Your Money Maker was originally released in 1958 on Artistic and reissued by Vivid in the '60s. Jake doesn't play harmonica on this one, where he's backed up by Willie Dixon's band, featuring Magic Sam (and, depending on who you believe, also either Freddy King or Syl Johnson) on guitar. Sam and Jake were related and Jake mentored and sometimes managed Sam. It's Magic Sam's scene-stealing guitar licks that will have you rolling your money makers to this over and over.

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Gabriel & The Angels - Hey

mp3: Gabriel & The Angels - Hey

Gabriel & The Angels released Hey, an exotic infused instrumental, in 1960. It's a slightly strange tune for a vocal group from New Jersey to put out, but hats off to them. Written by their sax man, Rick Kellis, it was apparently recorded in one take. This is a styrene single which Amy Records printed their label directly onto. The printing hasn't fared too well over the last 55 years, but the record still plays great and that's what's important to me. My Heavy Sugar buddy Fritz prefers the a-side, Chumba, but it's Hey that does it for me. I included this on my Seesaw mix earlier in the year.

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The Exotic Bob Vaught

Bob Vaught & The Renegades - Exotic

mp3: Bob Vaught & The Renegades - Exotic

Whoever Bob Vaught & The Renegades were, they've managed to hide it from the internet pretty well. I can tell you that in 1963 they released a whole album of surf songs called Surf Crazy on the Californian GNP Crescendo label. Side one, track one is Exotic, which was also released as a single. Mine's pictured above in its beautiful company sleeve. Two years ago I posted a different, more exotic version of Exotic, and discovered that it's based on an old Spanish folk song called The Zorongo.

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Slow radio

Starts of slow this one and stays slow too. This Diddy Wah radio show includes a preview of my new compilation LP, Slow Grind Fever Vol. 4, and a feverish Version Excursion.


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